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 NB On 1st April, opening times will be 1pm to 6pm.

Marx Memorial Library,
37a Clerkenwell Green,
London EC1R 0DU,
Tel #44(0) 207 253 1485.  


Access by public transport:
Underground: Farringdon on Circle, Hammersmith & Metropolitan lines
British Rail: Thameslink, Farringdon
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Saturday, 23 Aug 2014
Marx Memorial Library
Classes & Lectures PDF Print E-mail

Special Offer

Modrow + T&S + Connolly =  £30 plus p&p


The Truth Behind the Myths

by the last Prime Minister of the GDR and today's  Honorary Chair of Die Linke  

individual price £10 plus p&p  

"theory & struggle" 

MML's theoretical bulletin  

individual price £5 plus p&p 



individual price £20 plus p&p- see Archives tab for more background 

Next series of lectures: 
Commemorating the 150th anniversary of the founding of the First International
7 October The First International: Marx Engels and the IWMA 
Harsev Bains - Indian Workers Association (GB) 
14 October Chartism, Democracy and Marx and Engels 
 Professor Malcolm Chase 
21 October The Labour Aristocracy and the British Labour 
Movement: Professor Mary Davis 
28 October Wages, Price and Profit: written for the IWMA in 1865: Alex Gordon 
7 November The Civil War in France: written for the IWMA in 1871: Jonathan White



Marxism and Art 
rescheduled date and speaker
Tuesday 17th Sept
Red-Spectre Jitters: Francis Klingender
Art History and the Cold War
Classes on the Miners' strike of 1984-5
Thursday 20 November
Seumas Milne - The miners and the state
Tuesday 25 November
Ian Isaac - How the strike was organised
Tuesday 2nd December
Brenda Nixon - The miners' wives: winning the community
Tuesday 9 December
David Ayrton - Lessons for today
Help promote the science of Marxism -
make a donation to us today!
Membership PDF Print E-mail

Marx Memorial Library & Workers' School is an independent charity dedicated, since its establishment in 1933, to the advancement of education and learning in all aspects of marxism, labour and working class history.  We receive no subsidies of any kind and depend entirely on the generosity and dedication of our members. If you would like to help preserve and carry on the important work of the Marx Memorial Library check out the affiliation and membership applications forms here, click on the relevant image, save on to your computer, print off and post to us with a cheque payable to MML.  Membership rates and affiliation levels are kept purposely low in order to be as accessible as possible; therefore all rates listed are a minimum.


Donations and, especially, regular standing orders and direct debits are very welcome. Annual membership fees are:  

Individuals: waged £20; concessions £10; overseas £25.  

Affiliates: branches £50, regional bodies £250, national bodies £500


the Marx Memorial LibraryThe aim of the Marx Memorial Library & Workers' School Trust is the advancement of education, knowledge and learning by the provision of a library of books, periodicals and manuscripts relating to all aspects of the science of Marxism, the history of Socialism and the working class movement. It is an independent organisation, and a registered charity, financed by its members and affiliates.

The General Committee of Trustees is elected from and by the membership. The Library has 46,000 volumes in the lending section covering a range of subjects including Marx, Engels, Lenin, the Spanish Civil War and the History of Socialism and the British Labour Movement.

The reference collection has an extensive holding of journals dating from the 1850's. These include The Red Republican (published 1st English translation of Marx and Engel's Communist Manifesto), Votes for Women (the Suffragette Journal) and Commonweal (William Morris); 43,000 pamphlets and many original materials and books, many of which are unavailable elsewhere.

Our building has been in a state of continuous redevelopment.




Revitalising working class education PDF Print E-mail
The Marx Memorial Library and Workers’ School was founded in 1933 to fill a gap in independent workers' education. This role has continued down the years but, at a time when education of working people is seriously challenged, we have taken a big step forward in revisiting the evening class.
MML’s 2013 `Classics of Marxism’ series of evening classes saw the following speakers [all in a personal capacity]:
  • Alex Gordon, past President of the RMT"How classes make history - Marx Engels: The Manifesto of the Communist Party 1848"
  • Jonathan White, UCU official: "How people change the world - Marx: Preface to a Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy"
  • David Ayrton,  NUJ official: "Human development and nature" Engels: The Part Played by Labour in the Transition from Ape to Human"
  • Mary Davis, former Deputy Director of the Working Lives Research Institute at London Metropolitan University and current Visiting Professor at Royal Holloway College: "Class and women’s oppression - Engels: The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State"
  • Richard Ross, Lecturer in Trade Union Studies at London Metropolitan University: "Understanding 'globalisation': Lenin on Imperialism"
  • Steve Silver, former editor of Searchlight and now worker for RMT: "Understanding the Far Right and the need for Strategic Responses: Clara Zetkin on Fascism"
  • Marj Mayo, Emeritus Professor at Goldsmiths University of London: "Challenging defeatism - there are alternatives to capitalist domination: Gramsci"
  • David Ayrton, NUJ official: "Challenging big business and policies that breed fascism: Dimitrov on the Popular Front"
Four classes cost only  £12 inclusive and the limited number of places were all filled on a first-come first-served basis and were considerably overscribed. In 2014 we begin classes in political economy for trade unionists, modern British politics (focussing on the works of Ralph Miliband), and Art & Revolution, utilising the library’s unique archive of posters and artworks. Those who are really interested in enrolling should contact the library this very minute!




















Monday - Thursday

12 noon to 4pm 



37a Clerkenwell Green

London EC1R 0DU UK

Tel #44(0) 207 253 1485

Registered Charity Number: 270309

See the website on Wapping at: