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 NB On 1st April, opening times will be 1pm to 6pm.

Marx Memorial Library,
37a Clerkenwell Green,
London EC1R 0DU,
Tel #44(0) 207 253 1485.


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Underground: Farringdon on Circle, Hammersmith & Metropolitan lines
British Rail: Thameslink, Farringdon
Buses: 55, 63, 243

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Wednesday, 26 Nov 2014
Marx Memorial Library
Classes & Lectures PDF Print E-mail
The miners' strike of 1984-5 
   from 6.30pm in the main hall
                 Tuesday 25 November
                 John Sheppard
                 (ex-Armthorpe NUM)
                 How the strike was organised                                                                   
                                                           Tuesday 2nd December
                 Joyce Sheppard
                 (striking miner's wife 1984-5)
                The miners' wives:
                winning the community
                                           Tuesday 9 December
                                 David Ayrton & Ann Field - Lessons for today

February Tuesday Classes - Winter 2015 -
6.30pm in the main hall
3rd - Hegel and Marx: prefaces to Capital and Grundisse on Method 
10th - Lenin on dialectics: a weapon for the working class movement
17th - British writers on dialectics: David Guest, Emile Burns, & Maurice Cornforth
24th - Soviet writers on dialectics: Ilyenkov
tutors: David Ayrton and Jonathan White 
Jan/Feb Thursday Lectures commencing 7pm by Prof David McLellan
29th January - Marx, Hegel and the materialist tradition
5th February - Marx's dialectics and the materialist method
Help promote the science of Marxism -
how to apply to join MML or just make a donation to us  - today!

the Marx Memorial LibraryThe aim of the Marx Memorial Library & Workers' School Trust is the advancement of education, knowledge and learning by the provision of a library of books, periodicals and manuscripts relating to all aspects of the science of Marxism, the history of Socialism and the working class movement. It is an independent organisation, and a registered charity, financed by its members and affiliates.

The General Committee of Trustees is elected from and by the membership. The Library has 46,000 volumes in the lending section covering a range of subjects including Marx, Engels, Lenin, the Spanish Civil War and the History of Socialism and the British Labour Movement.

The reference collection has an extensive holding of journals dating from the 1850's. These include The Red Republican (published 1st English translation of Marx and Engel's Communist Manifesto), Votes for Women (the Suffragette Journal) and Commonweal (William Morris); 43,000 pamphlets and many original materials and books, many of which are unavailable elsewhere.

Our building has been in a state of continuous redevelopment.





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Monday - Thursday

12 noon to 4pm 



37a Clerkenwell Green

London EC1R 0DU UK

Tel #44(0) 207 253 1485

Registered Charity Number: 270309



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