The library will be closed to the public over the Easter holidays, from 10-24 April. This means that the reading room will not be accessible and also tours will not occur over this period. Apologies for any inconvenience. 

Six of Marx Memorial Library's rare pamphlets on the subject of Nationalisation will be on display at the National Coal Mining Museum, England, until the end of the year. We are delighted to contribute to this themed exhibition. 

The Marx Memorial Library is home to an extensive collections of visual material including photographs, posters and banners on subjects such as the peace movement, anti-cuts demonstrations, campaigns for suffrage and revolutionary figures through history. These workshops give students the opportunity to view these materials first hand, encouraging debate on form, content, media and context

Our workshops can be tailored to your needs, and will particularly appeal to GCSE and A-Level Art, Art History, Photography and Media students. They can focus on

  1. Exploring the work itself, in particular the techniques and methodology; why were these chosen and what were the results?
  2. Understanding the artist's intention and how a message is conveyed
  3. Research and discuss the political, cultural and social context of the work, using other resources at the MML
  4. Understand the influence of resources such as photographs on perceptions of historical events both at the time and in years to come. What can we learn from the visual?

Check out our photo library here.

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