Guided Tour of the Marx Memorial Library

Take a guided tour of a 'hidden gem' of London's radical and working class history.


Tour highlights include banners, posters and ceramics tracing the history of the labour movement from the 19th century to the present day, from the campaigns of William Morris and Eleanor Marx to the miners' strike and Wapping dispute of the 1980s.

Visit the room where Lenin worked while in exile in London in 1902-03 and see the original banners that the British Battalion of the International Brigades brought home from Spain in 1938.

Also, see a special portrait of Fidel Castro, presented to the library by the Cuban ambassador on May Day, and a maquette of suffragette Sylvia Pankhurst.


All these, and much more, are housed in Marx House, a listed 18th century building with medieval cellars (also part of the tour) in the historic Clerkenwell district of London.

Tours are held every Tuesday and Thursday at 1pm. 

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