Capitalism, Crisis and Imperialism

An online introduction to Marxist economics and Lenin’s Imperialism

The course runs for eight weeks from 9 October

It caters for those starting out and also those with more experience.

It is based on interactions between students and between students and the tutor.

Register now - fee £20 (unwaged £10). 


Upon payment you will be sent by email your user name and password and the ULR for the education website.


This course introduces Lenin's Imperialism and its place in the development of Marxist theory and examines Marxist theories of crisis as applied to the 1930s and the present. Participants will gain an understanding of how the State sustains capitalism in our era and the implications of this for democracy.

The main text is Lenin's Imperialism This was written in in 1916. It was published in Russia before the Socialist Revolution when Europe was in the midst of war.

The four, fortnightly, classes are:

1.  Imperialism: then and now

2.  Capitalism's las big crisis: the 1930s

3.  Capitalism's current crisis

4.  Monopoly, capitalism and democracy


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